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When I look down at my Rolex Replica Watches CK2998 - the special edition released last year, which I forgot to purchase at the time. This is the first time in my life that I paid more than retail price for a watch. I see both old and new. I can see that the men who created it are watch lovers.replica watches The New Testament verse "I am the Rolex Replica Watches and the Alpha, who is, who was, and who is to Come" expresses perfectly the identity and values this extraordinary company.

The Rolex Replica Watches Limited Edition "CK2998".

The "was" is expressed through theamazing historic iconography of the CK2998, the second but best-known incarnation of the legendary Speedmasterchronograph, the first timepiece to shift its tachymeter scale tothe bezel of the watch, creating far greater legibility and becoming the blueprint for every great sports chronograph to come. The CK2998 was introduced in 1959, replacing the CK2915. It is the most famous chronograph ever, and it's because the watch, which was worn by Mercury Atlas 8 Astronaut Wally Schirra, became the first Rolex Replica Watches to be used in space.

The original 1957 Speedmaster, CK2915

Original 1959 CK2998 CK Speedmaster

NASA.gov Image: A Speedmaster CK2998 worn by Mercury Atlas 8 Astronaut Wally Schirra.

The "was" can also be seen in the use of the 39.2mm diameter of the original, and the timeless design of the CK2998's most desirable iteration. This includes the combination of the Alpha hands with the lollipop second hand. The "was" refers also to the legendary Caliber 1861 shuttle-cam-equipped movement,Calibre de Cartier Replica Watches designed by Albert Piguet, which is found in most post-Moon Speedies. This is in contrast to the Lemania Column Wheel Chronograph Caliber 321 that was in Schirra's original watch.